As Multimedia Specialist for Geater Machining & Manufacturing, Co. I developed and created their internal Training Video Database, providing over 100 different videos on topics including production techniques, safety regulations, computer training, finishing operations instructions and more.

I handled marketing designs both internal and external, including website design, tradeshow displays and booths, documentaries, newspaper and theater ads as well as outdoor billboards.  Internally, I managed and kept current our intranet. I also designed and helped facilitate an in-house web-based program that allows employees to quickly access visual work instructions and relevant data pertaining to their current task.

I prototyped a number of interactive training applications, designed to express important techniques more clearly. Below is a reel of graphic design work created as the Multimedia Specialist.  This reel includes graphics created for marketing and promotions, as well as training visuals, such as 3d animations and stop-motion.