Akron After Hours is an Emmy Award-winning sketch comedy show created and run by students at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. I was a member of the team for 4 years writing, directing, acting and editing.  For three years I specialized as Final Show Editor and Head of Graphics, and for my final year I was Producer of the show.

During my tenure on the show, we held three live shows, one of which I directed. We also held screenings of our programs in local theaters, and did all advertising, marketing and promotion for the events ourselves. This included creating radio spots, flyers and posters, finding sponsors, and writing newspaper features.

When I was hired as Producer, Akron After Hours was in the need of revision and a new creative direction. The show was reformatted to be entirely sketched based, and set to an exact runtime of 22 minutes to match US broadcasting standards.

I generated a new set of graphics and visual style for the show, as well as recorded a new theme song to better suit the shows target audience of the 18 to 25 year-old demographic. In addition to reformatting was the creation of the new official website for the show to broaden our audience, meet demands of our viewership, and allow our local programming to reach a global market.



Awards won:

2010 Telly Award – Best Comedy

2009 Emmy Award – Student Production

2009 Telly Award- Best Comedy Program

2009 Communicator Award – Best Comedy Show

2008 Videographer Award of Distinction

2008 Telly Award

2008 Communicator Award – Best Comedy Show

2007 Videographer Award of Distinction

2007 Videographer Award of Excellence – creativity/humor

2006 Videographer Award of Distinction – tv programs/entertainment

2006 Videographer Award of Distinction – creativity/humor

2006 Communicator Award of Distinction